Case Study 1

“I didn’t realise how infected my leg had become until I started to feel more and more unwell. It was poisoning me.”A gentleman fell off his bicycle and left the wound to his leg untreated for some time.


He eventually presented at the Urgent Care Centre with a gross infection causing septicaemia which made him feel extremely ill. He was assessed and immediately transferred to the high dependency unit within the main hospital.

A debridement of the wound was undertaken in theatre the following day.


Case Study 2

“I was at the airport, trying to keep the children from running off in all directions. I injured my ankle and was then unable to walk properly.”A mother returning from a holiday with her children injured her ankle at the airport. Upon examination, it became obvious that she had ruptured her Achilles tendon. Her ankle was immobilized in Plaster of Paris and she was referred to a foot and ankle specialist at The Princess Grace Hospital for follow-up.

Case Study 3

“I love skiing, but was getting severe chest pains and couldn’t breathe properly. I realised something was wrong when the pain didn’t go away”A man experienced left sided chest pain and undue shortness of breath while skiing. He continued to have exercise related chest pain. On his return to London, he presented to the Urgent Care Centre where he had an electrocardiogram, full blood tests and a chest x-ray. He was referred to a cardiologist who later diagnosed angina pectoris and a subsequent coronary angiograph demonstrated that he had a narrowing of one of the coronary arteries. The patient was transferred to another HCA hospital where he received a stent in the artery to compensate for the narrowing. He was discharged and has been able to continue his normal activities.

Case Study 4

“After dealing with chronic back pain for months, I visited one of your centers and the pain management team took me seriously! They found ways to help with the pain and helped me fix problems that were causing more pain–things I hadn’t thought about at all, like my shoes.”“I was very nervous about going in for cosmetic treatments…I didn’t want my friends to know about me having spider veins removed. The doctor was very sweet and made sure I was comfortable with everything before we did the treatment. Thank you for helping me wear my shorts again!”


“My 8-year-old son had to spend two nights at your hospital after an emergency appendix removal. It made all the difference (to me and him) for me to be able to spend the night in his hospital room with him. Thanks for making things as easy for my family as they could be in that scary time!”


Case Study 5

I have been to a handful of walk in clinics throughout the years (in OC and LA) and this one stands out as one of the better ones I have been. First of all, it was one of the few that did not require an appointment. Now, I do not know if this was a regular occurrence, or if business was slow on that particular day, but they had time to see me right away.The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. The usual fiasco of dealing with insurances and co-pays seemed simple and straight forward. There were two or three patients ahead of me, and I was able to see the doctor within a half hour.


The doctor was very calm and poised, and seemed to genuinely care about the well being of his patients. He quickly confirmed my suspicions of strep throat, wrote a quick prescription for some steroids and antibiotics, and cut me loose.

The entire trip took less than two hours, and the help I received from this clinic definitely sped up my recovery process. Thank you !


Case Study 6

These guys make it so easy when you are feeling your worst. I can always count on them to get me in for a same-day appointment. I’m in and out very quickly without spending a lot of time in the waiting room. The metered street parking definitely makes it easier, too. I’ve been going here for the past 4 years…definitely recommend!

Case Study 7

I first came to Primary and Urgent Care Centers for a nasty flu about 6 months ago, and doctor Javed and his staff took great care of me and got me feeling better within a few days. Since then I’ve been coming back 2-3 times a month for vitamin B12 shots and have a great experience every time. The greeting is always very friendly, the wait is short, and everyone is very kind and attentive. Especially the receptionist, she is super sweet and awesome! They are very flexible and able to accommodate me at the last minute, even when I call just 30-40 minutes before coming in parking is always easy to find across the street, and they are open most Saturdays! I 100% recommend coming here for any basic health needs.

Case Study 8

I’m new to town (just moved from Florida) and needed a doctor for a sinus issue, so I decided to try Beverly Hills Urgent Care. The parking was free, the building was nice, and the staff was SO nice! There was a wait (like 45 min) but I expect that with an urgent care or any doctor these days. Even the other patients in the waiting room were a nice crowd. The doctor was super friendly and personable and took time with me to get lots of information on what I was experiencing. I think I found my doctor here in LA! He said he sees all ages so this is the perfect place to bring my kids when they have a sudden sickness or whatever issue. – I highly recommend Primary and Urgent Care Centers! Yea!


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