Primary and Urgent Care Centers provide local and personal care for a variety of general health-care needs.

We are here when you need Emergency Care, regular Checkups, Primary or Urgent Care – locally!

Visit our 3 Superior Multi-Specialty Urgent Care and full-service medical clinics.

Expert, Convenient, Affordable Medical Care WITHOUT Long Waits! And we welcome Walk-Ins.

Why Choose Us?

Primary and Urgent Care Canters

No Appointments Necessary

Many medical conditions just can’t wait for a regular appointment. You don’t have to live with pain and discomfort for days or weeks waiting for a doctor’s appointment.

Primary and Urgent Care Canters

High Tech X-Ray Machines

We use advanced technology to provide the best service. Our x-ray machines are all right here at Urgent Care so you’ll get the treatment you need all at one location.

Primary and Urgent Care Canters

On-Site Lab

Since we don’t have to send blood samples or patients to off-site labs, your lab results will be completed sooner.

Primary and Urgent Care Canters

Licensed Professionals

We employ board certified emergency room physicians who have the same training as doctors working in hospital emergency departments.

Primary and Urgent Care Canters

Extended Hours – Open Weekends

Most of us work crazy hours and need health care providers to be flexible. We are open on Sundays! We open as early as 9 am and stay open as late as 9pm!

Primary and Urgent Care Canters

Short Wait Times

Nobody likes sitting in a doctor’s waiting room, not knowing when you’ll be called, so we don’t make you wait. Our system allows people to be seen quickly so you’ll start feeling better sooner.

Primary and Urgent Care Canters

Most insurance accepted

Our co-pays are less than hospital emergency room fees and we will work with you to process your insurance.

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